Monday, September 21, 2009

Austin Triathlon Race Report - Sep 7 2009

Sorry this is a little late, and it feel like it has been ages ago. Here is my first race report on the Austin tri

The swim , which is not my strong suit was definately a bit of a stuggle for me today. Because i was starting in the pro/open wave with men and women , i started in the back of the pack in the water - being realistic that i was going to get passed otherwise. Big mistake - it took about 20 sec for me to even get moving since everyone seemed to be getting jammed up infront of me and then i had to start out SLOOOWW because of the pack of guys around me all struggling to get going as well. so i missed out on that initial sprint out. The rest of the swim , it seemed like i could not get into a rhythm, i missed any sort of pack to swim in , and within 100 m it seemed that most of the front runners were way out infront. a Definate reality check on how much i still need to work on my swim. I got stuck in a pack of 4 guys. one was out infront and 3 of us were fighting to get on his feet. therefore i had 1 guy on either side of me, literally arms touching, and if one went askew , we all did. Lesson learnt - rather get out of that little pack and get into a rhythm then try to fight for a pair of feet :) Swim time 27.30 ( 1:50 pace --ouch )

Seeing my time out of the water actually didn't discourage me this time around. I think the experience i had at Nationals where i had a 36 min swim because of the current prep'd me to forget about it and keep going.Transitions seem to be a place where i can make up some time so i hauled it through , and checking T1 times, i think i had the fastest of the females. the 15 sec i made up was still far off the 4 min i lost in the swim .

I was on my New Felt B2 Pro ( thanks Jack And Adams ) which i got just 3 days before the race and had ridden only once. But knew it would be way better then the road bike i had been on, so i wasnt worried about the bike change and position. Being on that bike made me feel fast and i expected alot from it , and so mentally , i think that made me work harder on the bike. I started off slow , did a 23 min first loop and dropped to a 21 min 2nd loop and started feeling really good . Ended with a 20 min last loop. bike time 1:04, and a 23.2mph bike split. Had one of the fastest womens splits.

i am finding that i always start slow on the bike and feel the pain for the first 15 min or so, but have learnt to know that the pain will ease up soon and keep hammering away. All my race experience this year and the feelings i have experienced on the bike have really helped me get through the next race.

Had another fast transition. the hardest part is taking my shoes off on the bike, i always seem to cramp up here. More sodium needed....

Went into the run with heavy legs for the first mile or so, but then the lightened up. The lesson i learnt from Captex tri, which was my first big tri with crowds everywhere, was to focus on getting into a rhythm and ignore the crowds and the person i am trying to chase down infront of me. At cap tex, i was too busy watching everyone , and who was infront, that i could never focus on my own race , and it showed in a 8:40 split that day. But i learnt a great lesson, so wouldnt have it any other way.

I ran a 43.50, 7:05 pace. and felt really good the whole run . I was able to pick off about 5 women infront of me ,which felt great. There havent been many races this year that i have had to chase anyone down, usually i am 1st of the bike. so running from behind was a new experience , and definately can be a mental challenge. but i feel i overcame today.

2:18 and another PR for me ..yay.. Finished 8th amongst the pro's and i am slowly closing in on the big win. Soon....

First of all my husband , Steve. For his unendending love and support and his belief in me that i could do this. And my family back home, and friends here in Austin. Your support and encouragement means alot to me !
Jack and Adams for my bike support and High Five Events for a putting on a great race. Definately one of my favourites for the great downtown venue and race support.
Puresport - My pre- race, Race and Recovery Fuel. I drink Lime Workout before and during the race and Banana berry ( so delicious -to be sung like Fergi ) withing 15 min after finishing the race. I really attribute their nutrition to me recent race success. My training has been better than ever because i am always recoverd for the next workout. And it was great to have them ALL there at the finish line giving encouragement and handing out Puresport drink.
Sweet Leaf Tea - Their Tea and Variety of flavors are one of a kind and they are an Austin based company and a great supporter for all of Austin's events.They are always there at the finish line for a tasty post race treat. I LOVE Diet Peach
Advanced Rehab - always volunteering there time to work on athletes before and after races to keep us injury free
Red Licorice events - A great / FUN event company that are always there to show support. I can always hear Erin and Leilani hooting and hollering from a mile away
Under Armour - for the best clothing ..ever....

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