Saturday, February 13, 2010

35 Degrees Winter Training ride

In the past ,if i knew it was going to be 35 degrees in the morning, i would have most likely got the trainer out and enjoyed 4 hours ( sarcastically said ) of movies in the comfort of my apt living room. But today was a day i didnt want to miss the outside ride. So i bundled up and braved the cold, and know now that 35 degree weather is not too cold for a ride as long as i dress the part..

i woke up this morning like a kid on Christmas day. oh, i love this feeling.. this is why i love triathlon..T3 austin, a local training group , and also the group i am a coach for ( Check out to see exactly what i do ) had their usual group Sat ride. Today they had routed out one of my favourite routes, 360 to Parmer, but that wasnt the only reason i wanted to go. I wanted to test out where my fitness level was and compare it to some of the other riders, and i also knew that elite triathletes Jasmine Oeinck and Jessica Peterson were going to be riding with the group. Not only did they show up , but so did 35 other T3ers aswell as 4 triathletes from Chicago who were here for a weekend of training. So, quite a fun site for all those involved.

Basic Summary of the ride - Unfortunately because Jasmine and Jessica were running the Austin Half marathon tomorrow, they only rode easy and short, and i didnt see them at all on the ride.
2ndly, i am happy with where my fitness is right now, but still have plenty of work to do which i am excited for .. The hills are not my friend quite yet, thank you wine, cheese and crackers i ate over Christmas time, but i tend to make them mine ....and soon !!
The funnest part of riding outside on a route that i did frequently last year, is to go back and check out my stats from last year during a time i thought i was 'so fast'.. yeah right ...
it is only my 3rd week into training for 2010, and i had the same speed with a much lower effort as i did when i was peaking mid season last year... I am excited to see where it will go from here.

On a plus discovery note, i tried out Nuun for my ride. It tasted great and i didnt feel a cramp coming on once, which is a usual thing that i am still trying to figure out... So yeah, i added it to my usual mix of Puresport and carbo pro, and for four hours i didnt need to reach over and take a salt tablet or eat anything.. that was all i needed, all mixed up and ready to go. i just needed to drink and focus on riding... it worked...

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Vowing to write on my blog

Here it is 2010. And one of my new years goals is that i write on my blog and update you as much as weekly.

My blog posts will be shorter :), so that i am more likeable to achieve this goal.

I am also going to add some photo's and training updates so that you can see the progress of me going from average joe triathlete to wunderkind triathlete.... :) lets see what happens. ha !