Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Starting Fresh

I am so behind on blogging that if i had to try and update you all since the last time i blogged ( last Oct ) i would end up writing a book, "and no ones got time for that". So i figured the only way to make this happen is to start 2013's blogging fresh and focused on the future. This happens to be the exact same way i am approaching my training this year. I am forgetting old times, paces, wattage and just working with what i have now and trying to better it.

I realized the first week of the year after taking a long and needed off season break, that if i was going to compare my current, just coming off a break fitness to last year, i would be setting myself up for disappointment and frustration.

So instead of focusing on last years numbers,I am starting fresh. I am focusing only on my current fitness and making sure i improve a little each week, not alot, just a little. If i push too hard too soon, injury and exhaustion comes a knocking and the no 1 goal is to stay clear of that this season (which will be a first).So now, instead of thinking, "Man, last year i was doing my mile repeats at X pace, i am so much slower right now - i suck", I am now thinking, "sweet, my mile repeats of 5 sec faster per mile than last week - i am awesome." A much better place to be. And it has helped my training a ton. Mentally i am a completely different athlete, able to get through workouts that seemed way to daunting last year. Why ? My Expectations of myself are different. All i have control over is my own improvement, and that is all i am focused on, instead of comparing myself to where i need to be and the athletes i will be competing against. Try it - Training wil become way more fun.