Monday, March 21, 2011

An Ironman ... not yet ...

Its been 5 MONTHS since my last race ... 5 months !! Man does time fly.. And i will be racing this weekend at the Champions Olympic Tri held by Red Licorice events at Lake Pflugerville. I will be rocking my new Tri4Him kit ( check out elite team at )and am excited to be apart of their inaugaral elite team this year.

This will just be a good benchmark to see where i am at after the Off season which it very much was for me. I am not just saying that, trust me :).I had injuries and life priorities to get back in place before i was going to jump into my 2011 training, and after doing that the last 2 mths of training have been the most consistent than ever before. Amazing when you put triathlon and training last on the priority list, which i have done, and am actively doing - that it frees up more time, clarity, focus, and even greater joy than ever before.

my first A race will be the 70.3 in galveston, which i am also looking at as a starting point for 2011, since i have a long way of progression ahead of me, and i have to start somewhere ...

I ended 2010 with a big victory at the Austin 70.3 race. I didnt get dibilitating cramps during a 70.3 race for the first time. So to me, this was a big deal going fowards. I had finally figured out nutrition at this distance, well i think i have, and now i can just focus on racing as hard as i possibly can.

I had a weak moment and thought that 2011 may be my jump into the Ironman distance, but after some wise council and a reality check, i realised that this is not the smartest or healthiest thing to do for my mind or body since this will only be my 3rd season in the sport and my body still needs adapting to being an endurance athlete. The 3 mile "REALLY LONG" run i did once a week during my tennis days hardly quanitifies as endurance...

Patience, seems to be the ALWAYS prevalent theme that keeps resurfacing, and i have finally succommed to it and fully happy about my decision.

so when will be my first Ironman ???

i will know when i am ready, and i have a feeling it wont be anytime soon. I want to conquer the 70.3 distance first !! And i am nowhere close to doing that, but i am moving in the right direction :) and i am so excited for the new chapter in this journey to start.

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