Monday, March 29, 2010

My first triathlon Training camp

It is day 9 of training camp, and while i had the intention of writing everyday about my experience so far. I feel like i have had no free time whatsoever. It is amazing that all i have to do here is eat , sleep and train, and i thought i would have all this free time , but that really hasnt happened. By the time we get to the sessions, warm up and down, the day has gone. I have no idea how i teach bootcamp twice a day for T3, fit in training sessions, work on Tri Team Transport , be a wife and hang out with Steve, and still have time for a nap midday at home. hmmm...

Learning points so far on this trip.
1. I have the ability to work waaaa-aay harder than i was working by myself at home . It doesnt hurt to have a coach watching over your every move aswell as world class athletes right next to you to push you when you think you can't go on anymore. seriously, i am breathless in every set in every swim, and i mean gasping for air, and never get to that point at home..
2. Just watching the pro's , the way they train, their technique on each discipline, their work ethic, the way they eat , sleep , drink all day - priceless.
3. Having a coach that is so positive and energetic and wise , really makes triathlon more fun and makes you want to work harder, more than you ever thought you could. You cannot do this sport without having someone there to guide you, push you and believe in you .
4. If you work hard and commit 100% - you can achieve your dreams, and opportunites are limitless. Triathlon is not a halfway sport. The pro's are pro's because they work waayy harder and will do whatever it takes to be where they are . Nothing comes easy .... you have to work your butt off. The payoff at the end of the day is soooo worth it.
5. You need everyone in your life to be in your corner and believe in you . And i am blessed to have a husband that is there with me all the way , and keeps on believing .
6. If you are doing what God has designed you to do to further His Kingdom, you can't go wrong.
He has opened all the doors for me to be where i am today, and i am going to keep following the path he has laid down for me in order to bring Him glory.

I can do this, i will do this , i love doing this !!!


  1. Sounds like such a wonderful, amazing opportunity for you! I love to hear when people find those things they feel they were truly meant or born to do. It's so hard to explain to people who have never felt that way about something in their lives. Keep living your dream!

  2. Thanks Cheryl and thank you for all the encouraging notes and following my blog :)
    Hope your training is going well for CDA !